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The road to KilimanjaroThe Kilimanjaro Project 2008 – Against the Odds, implemented in whole thanks to the support of its sponsors, shows that disability is not a final verdict, that the power of human will and dreams can help us realise even the most daring plans.

The expedition to Kilimanjaro will start on the 27th of September. Although the mountain is well known for its lack of technical difficulty, it will be a huge challenge for the participants. The main obstacle in trekking will be the rarefied air immediately related to the high altitude, and also the huge differences in temperatures. Because of the geographical location, very strong solar radiation needs to be taken into consideration. Another difficulty for the participants using wheelchairs will be covering the distance along the top ridge, which is covered with snow. Apart from struggling with their weaknesses, muscle pain and the lack of oxygen, participants of the expedition will come to know how exceptional Kilimanjaro is. They will travel to the African savannah, thick green forests, mountainous meadows and to the eternal snow on the top of the mountain which lies there regardless of the fact that Kilimanjaro is situated 320 kilometres from the Equator. The 14-day-long expedition, apart from the ascent to the Roof of Africa, will also include travel around the most famous national parks of Africa, meetings with the Polish Diaspora and the diplomatic corps in Kenya. The participants will also visit the Karen Blixen Museum, the author of “Out of Africa”.

The Anna Dymna “Against the Odds” Foundation wishes to thank the companies and institutions which have given substantial financial support to the realisation of Project Kilimanjaro 2008 – Against the Odds.

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