Kilimanjaro 2008 – Against the Odds
Kilimanjaro 2008 – Against the Odds

On the 27th of September we will depart to Kenya. The day after landing in 
Nairobi we will travel by car to Arusha, the capital of the African safari. This city, which lies in the middle of the Arusha National Park and is towered over by the crater of the Meru volcano, is the beginning of our exciting expedition. Its next stage will be entering the Kilimanjaro National Park through the Marangu Gate. During our preparations, we have been well familiarised with the rules of reaching the summit. The most important of these is to keep a regular, slow tempo when marching. We need to prepare for the unpredictable reactions of our organisms to the altitude and climate. Recklessness considerably lowers the chances of success. The trekking route will lead us through a green equatorial jungle, which will gradually start to change – forest will be replaced by infinite fields of dwarf bushes and high grass. The next camp is the Horombo Hut at an altitude of 3,720 m. From this point, we will start to approach the last place to find water in nature, the pass (known as ‘the Saddle’), which divides the Kibo summit from Manwezi. On the 7th day we will start the conquest of the peak. Because of the heat, the climb up Kilimanjaro must take place during the night. At dawn, after a few hours of a tiring route, we will reach the edge of the crater, “Gilman’s Point”, and from there we will climb to the highest point of the Roof of Africa – 5,895 m. The Safari, which is the second stage of our adventure, will begin after our descent from the summit and return to Arusha. First, on Lake Manyara, and later, the famous Ngorongoro, where the biggest volcanic caldera in the world is situated. Its bottom is flat and partly covered with sands and salt deposits. In the rain season, lakes filled with water are the meeting place for thousands of flamingos. Hippopotamuses can also be found in the water reservoirs. We are in for a great adventure. Keep you fingers crossed for the success of our expedition.

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