The way to the fulfilment of dreams is rough, especially when they are the dreams of the disabled. The path to success is made of small steps, just like the path to the top of Kilimanjaro. The participants of our expedition are persons who have already overcome their own weaknesses many times.

Expedition Sponsors

“Kilimanjaro 2008 – Against the Odds” has been made entirely possible thanks to the financial and material support of its sponsors, and shows that being disable is not a final verdict, that the power of human dreams can help us to realise the most daring plans. People who are sick, blind, paralyzed, using crutches or a wheelchair, still possess full rights. The entire cost of the undertaking amounts to 185,000 PLN (120,000 PLN – the cost of logistics and transport, 65,000 PLN – the cost of equipment).
The Anna Dymna “Against the Odds” foundation wishes to thank the firms and institutions which have provided substantive and financial support to the implementation of the project.

About the expedition

On the 27th of September, twenty nine disabled travellers will start an extraordinary expedition, the aim of which will be Kilimanjaro. This relatively young volcano has been popular among mountaineering enthusiasts for years. About 13,000 people set off to “Kili” each year, but only 4,000 fulfil their dream of reaching the top. The enormous size, height (5.895 m) and location of the mountain on the open plain has a huge impact on trekking. Such geographical and climatic conditions require professional equipment, which is provided to the participants by the “Salewa” company. The most important of this are the boots and thermo-active underwear which channels dampness outside. Wind resistant clothes are also a necessity, and preparations to get into shape before the expedition are already under way – the success of the undertaking depends on it.
All the participants are aware of the difficulties which can arise, for example, at an altitude of 1,900 meters, where the route leads through equatorial forest. If it rains, it will be almost impossible to cross this territory in wheelchairs. What is more, when they “climb” down they will not stop at 4,700 meters, but will go a thousand meters lower. For wheelchair users or those on crutches it is extremely exhausting to cover such long distances. It also needs to be taken into consideration that crossing the top ridge at a distance of 100 meters, they will come across snow. However, no difficulties can obscure their eventual victory, as it is not the goal that counts, but the obstacles overcome in achieving it.

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