Angelika Chrapkiewicz

Angelika Chrapkiewicz(born 1980)

A highlander from Zakopane, living at present in Kraków. Since the age of 3 she has suffered from muscular dystrophy and now uses a wheelchair. She graduated from the Department of Management and Social Communication at the Institute of Public Affairs at Jagiellonian University, and postgraduate studies from the Department of Journalism. Her passion is diving and she has visited, among others, the watery underworld of Croatia and the Red Sea and the Ras Mohamed National Park in Skarm. She loves also dangerous places, such as “The Blue Hole" – one of the greatest worldwide attractions for divers.

Katarzyna Rogowiec

Katarzyna Rogowiec(born 1977)

Lives and works in Kraków. As a 3 year-old child she lost both her arms. She has since won many medals in world championships and is a world champion in the biathlon. At the Special Olympics in Torino (2006) she won two gold medals: in ski racing, classic technique, over a distance of 15 km; and free technique over a distance of 5 km. The President of the Republic of Poland awarded her with the Knight's Cross of the Order of Poland Reborn.

Krzysztof Gardaś

Krzysztof Gardaś(born 1970)

An inhabitant of Żywiec, from his earliest years he’s related to mountains, caves and climbing. At the age of 21 he suffered a serious spine injury as a result of a motorcycle accident. In the doctors' opinion, he was going to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. In spite of this, at present he is using only crutches. As a disabled person he has already reached a few of the peaks constituting “the Crown of the Earth”: Mont Blanc (4,810 m), Aconcaguę (6,962 m), Kilimanjaro (5,896 m) and Elbrus (5,642 m).

Przeczytaj wywiad z Krzysztofem Gardasiem

Krzysztof Głombowicz

Krzysztof Głombowicz(born 1958)

As a child, he suffered from poliomyelitis. Since then he has been using an orthopaedic device and crutches, and has now been practising various sports disciplines for 20 years: weightlifting, swimming, shooting, classic skiing, light athletics. As a journalist for the TVP channel he has participated in the Special Olympics in Atlanta, Sydney, Athens and Torino. For many years he has been cooperating with the editorial staff of "Spróbujmy razem” (Let's try together) for the TVP2 channel, for which he makes reports about disabled sports persons.

Jan Mela

Jan Mela(born 1988)

Comes from Malbork. In 2002, as a result of an electric shock, he lost his left shin and right forearm. Is the youngest man in history to reach both the north and south pole. At present he lives in Łódź where he is a student of film production at the Higher School of Art and Design.

Piotr Pogon

Piotr Pogon Project coordinator
(born 1967)

Comes from Kraków. He has been working for the “Against the Odds” foundation since 2004. Conducts lectures for the Polish Fund Raising Association and the University of Silesia. He was an academic Polish champion in alpine skiing. Despite being a patient of the Institute of Oncology (having had, amongst other things, a lung resection), he swims and takes part in long distance runs.

Jarosław Rola

Jarosław Rola(born 1980)

Lives in Karpacz. Uses a wheelchair. At the Special Olympics in Torino (2006) he won the 10th place in the Slalom. Multiple Polish champion in alpine skiing and the ]designer and constructor of sports equipment for disabled persons. In July 2006, as the first disabled person to do so, he reached the top of Śnieżka on a hand-operated bicycle he designed himself.

Piotr Truszkowski

Piotr Truszkowski(born 1979)

Comes from Wielkopolska. After suffering an electric shock he lost both legs at the thighs. Despite that, he is athletic, with unmeasured stores of energy; a multiple silver and bronze medallist of Polish championships in light athletics (shot, discus, javelin) and a multi-medallist of Polish championships in sitting volleyball. A great enthusiast of extreme sports and a weapon collector.

Łukasz Żelechowski

Łukasz Żelechowski(born 1981)

An inhabitant of Kraków, blind since birth, he graduated from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Silesia. His passions are the Tatra Mountains, swimming, tandem cycling and short-wave radio, but above all – music. He graduated from music school grade I. He plays the piano and bandura, and is a successful singer, recording for the TVP channel. In 2006 he won 1st place in the 2nd Marek Grechuta Magical Song Festival.



Bogdan Bednarz

Bogdan Bednarz GOPR rescue team
(born 1972)

A rescuer with the GOPR team in Beskidy and for many years a member of the High Mountain Club in Bielsko-Biała, he has reached the top of Mont Blanc (twice), the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Elbrus, Grand Paradiso, Braithorn. Is a tourist guide on many routes and peaks in the Tatras.
He is experienced in caring for disabled people in the mountains (among , during an expedition to Elbrus I he was the partner to a disabled alpinist).
If you could assess modesty and responsibility on a scale from 1 to 10... Bogdan gets 10.

Adam Golec

Adam Golec Photographer
(born 1970)

Born in Mysłowice and a graduate of the Leon Schiller National University of Film, Television and Theater in Łódź, he studied at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and is now a photographer, reporter and member of the Polish Journalists’ Association. Since 1991 he has been working at the Gazeta Wyborcza, coordinating the activities of the Krakow Photo section. Adam has won many press photography competitions; in 1997 he won Gazeta Wyborcza’s Photographer of the Year prize and in 2008, first prize in a prestigious GrandPress Photo competition in the “Everyday Life” category, for his material on Anna Krupa, an armless mother. His greatest passion is… photography, but he also loves riding his mountain bike. He likes visiting new places, getting to know them and seeing things in them important to his art.

Jacek Grzędzielski

Jacek Grzędzielski(born 1977)

Lives in Kraków where he graduated from foreign trade at the University of Economics, a general director of the Polish division of the “Salewa” company (the sponsor of the expedition), a cyclist in the MTB and an enthusiast of light athletics. For participating in the project “Kilimanjaro 2008 – Against the Odds” he’s paying with his own money. He wants to help its disabled participants and also, in this way, stress the involvement of “Salewa” in the expedition to the Crown of Africa. He is also a participant of the long distance runners team – “Dym-Team”.

Wojciech Jachymiak

Wojciech Jachymiak Film producer
(born 1977)

Born in Nowy Targ, for 11 years he has been artistically and professionally related to Kraków. A producer, director, film operator and owner of the UNIWERSYTET CZŁOWIEKA OGNIK film studio. He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Kraków University of Technology. Additionally, he is interested in bee-keeping and dowsing and is an enthusiast of ski jumping and the violin. During the expedition he will be making a documentary commissioned by the regional unit of the TVP channel and cooperating with other operators preparing materials about the expedition.

Marek Kowalski

Marek Kowalski Project coordinator / photographer
(born 1975)

An inhabitant of Kraków born in Zakopane, he is a photographer-reportage artist. Graduated from the Department of Management and Social Communication at the Jagiellonian University. With his camera he has visited almost all of Europe, United States and Nepal and his photographs may be seen in the Polish and European press and various magazines. He has been working in the “Against the Odds” foundation since 2005.

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